Feb 6, 2012

--> You Are Here <--

So where are you right now? At this very moment? I'm not asking the question in a demographic sense. I mean, in your life, where are you? Are you where you want to be? If not, is that holding you back from being happy? Are you the person you want to be? Do you enjoy your life, I mean really enjoy living the life you behold?

The other day I was in class and my professor asked us to describe ourselves in just one word, one single word. At the moment, that was so difficult for me. I would have preferred to hear the words: "pop quiz"! So here I am.. sitting... thinking of how dumb other peoples answers were (I know, silent crap talk is still not okay) I admit. Some were saying: "tired", "stressed", "nostalgic" and I'm thinking: People!!!! Describe your whole being in one word not your current mood! Someone said "sick" and I thought: Brace yourself homie, you're gonna have that runny nose forever. Ha.

So, my word.... My word is "complete". Not in an anatomical sense (although I am thankful I'm not missing a finger) but in my soul. I feel a sense of completeness. Initially my word was "silly" and I thought: ok, but seriously Carmen leaving all jokes aside for once.

"COMPLETE". I feel a sense of gratitude of where I am at this very moment. I know, I'm not married yet and becoming a mother some day is something I greatly aspire to as well as getting a Master's degree but I really feel complete aside from not having met those goals just yet. I love who I am and I know I am not perfect but the fact that I can acknowledge that and not get bored just because I am alone makes me beam! I know, it's cheesy but if you find yourself in that same place you understand me. Even though I have not arrived to my lifelong destination and I'm not settled in "the adult life", I am happy to be here, not knowing how the rest of this year looks or what my expected graduation date is going to be or when the new iphone will be out (seriously!) still, I feel complete like the sole achievement of serenity in my life is enough for me.

Look, you are here. At this moment, you're still traveling towards your destination. So what if it's taking long to figure out what you're gonna do with your life. I hear people say they're trying to figure out what they're gonna do in life. It's ok to keep searching, you learn along the way and detours are often necessary. So what if someone graduated before you and you started school together, so? So what if someone had kids before you. So what if you have 10 years left to finish school. Who's keeping count? So what if it's gonna take a long time? Go for that dream anyway! Don't ever compare your own timeline to someone else's. That's how people get frustrated, develop jealousy and become bitter. Focus on you, on your own track because there's always gonna be someone who runs faster, someone who's better but don't let that make you bitter.

My professor told us that for 18 years she took one class per semester and it took her those 18 years to get to Junior status in undergraduate school; 20 years to get a B.A.; an additional 2 for her masters and 4 for her Ph.D. You do the math. Does it matter? No. People still call her "Doctor".

Embrace where you are. Because maybe someday you'll wish you were back where you are now, at this very moment, reading this in the restroom haha, just kidding.

So, what's your word? Think about it, write it down and every time you look at it, I hope it makes you smile.

Ivan: I love you. You wanted a shout-out on my blog and here it is. And while I'm at it I want to thank you. You make being "HERE" even more meaningful. I'll meet you at the altar :) Can't wait til' we get "THERE".


  1. wow... now this is a blog.... :) Simply breath taking. So now I am currently thinking about that one word that describes me............... and still thinking. lol

    1. Let me know when you find your word :) Thanks for reading!

  2. Just read this completely. Excellent insight. If not silly then what is your word? Mine would be...willing. -MP