Jan 28, 2010

Catch-up and Ketchup: two different things

On CATCH-UP: This morning was amazing. I woke up a little earlier (ok 1/2 hour earlier) to meet APU's Coordinator for Mexico Outreach to discuss some things about becoming more involved with the program. I feel compelled to stay connected not only with the University but the service in which Mexico is in great need for. After talking with the coordinator, I knew that this is an area in which God wants to strengthen my spiritual muscles. A wise man once said that the greatest gift is a portion of thyself- it doesn't cost a thing! I am so excited for the future, I encourage you to get involved in donating a fraction of your time to help others, buy a homeless a meal ... do a random act of kindness! Just do it.

On KETCHUP: On the flip side, today I also celebrated my best friend's birthday. We went to Ketchup, cute name huhh? It's an innovative little "rouge" place out in West Hollywood in which their food specializes in well, yeah, ketchup. There's something about celebrating another year of life not only with gifts but to celebrate the life of the gift God gave to me: my best friend. The food was awesome, I ate her free birthday dessert (without hesitation because she was "too full") and the topped the night off with visiting Rodeo Dr. for the first time. I know, I've lived in LA my whole life and I've never been, I couldn't believe it either.

Today was a day that reminded me to serve others and to be thankful for those who are dear to us. Not long ago, I lost one of my favorite aunts and sometimes I wish I could have told her one more time that she was special or that I loved her. People come and go, so do something nice for them while you still can, better now than never.

Til' next time...