Dec 4, 2010

A Man Named Mark

It's funny how you never know who's help you will need through the course of your life.

The other day my car broke down right off the freeway. Although I was fortunate to not breakdown on the freeway, I landed in a pretty bad spot. I was blocking traffic at the light, people were honking and upset. I'll tell you, I've never had so many people flip me off at the same time. I mean, don't my hazard lights mean something?!

Anyway, on the Lake Avenue offramp in Pasadena, there's a homeless standing there. There's always the same homeless guy there but this time he was a new guy I remember seeing only very few times. As I waiting for help to arrive (Ivan to the rescue), this man helped me redirect traffic to the other lanes as I sat like a nerd in my car. No use of popping the hood if I don't even know what Im looking for right?

I know most of these homeless off Lake make their good money and spend it on cigarettes and booze but this guy was actually working. So I get my wallet and give him ALL my money......the whole $2 hahaha but it was either that or my debit card. jk. I never carry cash so that was a good thing I guess.

As Ivan arrives, this man helped us push the car to the nearby gas station. No one else offered help. As I thank this man for his kind help, he tells me: "you probably don't remember me but I remember you, you've helped me before and I help those who help me". All I could do was smile, thank him and ask "what is your name?" He replies "Mark, my name is Mark".

Yesterday I saw mark again and I gave him an apple. I think I made a new friend.
Something worth smiling about. Even if my fuel pump gave up on me.


  1. <3 Thank you for sharing this, Carm. God is so cool.

  2. Thank you for sharing. I thought of the guy who we met in LA when we were with Jianna. I felt as if Mark is a “guardian angel”. This encounter is not coincidence.

  3. this is deep made me tear up a lil...amazing that the least person u excpect to help you will.\

  4. Hello Babe, I read ur blog days ago but never wrote anything, but I am now because I want u to know u have a goof heart, and this Mark person truly is Gods way showing his love for u in an ackward yet unusual way. I love you for being so giving...

  5. Good heart* sorry